Genre: Hellenic Gamostavrik Black Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Terror From Hell Records
Year: 2018

You don’t need to be Greek to play Hellenic Gamostavrik Black Metal, you just need to have the same triggers: I. Born and raised in a rotten society with corrupted authorities, II. Feel suffocated from your surrounding environment, III. Been deprived of your freedom of choice, and IV. See no light at the end of any tunnel. If you find yourself in such a situation darkness will naturally grow within you…in a Mediterranean way. Let me elaborate. Scandinavians were rich white boys “revolting” against the “evil” socialism, killing each other and burning churches. Greeks and probably the rest of Mediterraneanswere -literally- struggling to survive in a society that had no place for long-hair kidsthat didn’t fit in the system. They were the minority at every statistic! The growls of despair were stemming from the depths of theirexistence, the riffs were dark and melancholic like their lives, the drumming was repetitive and ritualistic like the emptiness they felt, and the keyboards were eerie resembling their phobias.  The combination of all these elements gave birth to something pure, upretentious and aggressive, strange and incomprehensible to most. With “The Offering of Seven” Gnosis have become one of us.The few Tampa death metal riffs that have found their way into the compositions make the result even better!