Genre: Thrash/Death/Punk
Country: International
Label : Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2021

I won’t misjudge someone just because his father is famous or rich and I won’t definitely be kind to him for the same reason, even if his father is some kind of living legend for extreme sound. Speaking of Max, Go Ahead and Die marks the sixth project from legendary Max Cavalera (ex-Sepultura, Soulfly, Nailbomb, Cavalera Conspiracy, Killer Be Killed). With a big difference as now Max isn’t the mastermind behind this group. Igor Amadeus Cavalera, one of his sons, has this role. The album is like a punk-hardcore-thrashodeath- old school mash up and revision of Nailbomb mixed with Roots. The final result is like old Sepultura jamming on Black Breath songs. Besides Max’s son, Igor trades vocal and guitar duties on the record with his father GAAD’a line up is completed by drummer Zach Coleman (see also: Black Curse and Khemmis). ‘Go Ahead & Die’ sounds primal, raw and aggressive. Even though the production is modern (as it is extremely clean), the old school fans will appreciate its approaching while some songs could also stand in previous works of Max’s legendary discography. The punk and death metal references are well crafted and thrash elements probably dominate the album. If you are into old school Thrash/Death enriched with strong doses of Hardcore, Punk vibes and attitude then don’t hesitate trusting Max’s new project. Songs like ‘Truckloads Full of Bodies’, the punkish ‘Toxic Freedom’, ‘Isolated Detonated’ with the Celtic Frost influence or the Nails-like ‘Punisher’ -which lyrics talk about gun control- suits perfectly with ‘(In The) Slaughterline’ that pays homage to Chaos AD or furious ‘Go Ahead & Die’ and ‘Roadkill’ which are closer to Nailbomb or Cavalera Conspiracy. All you lovers of tremolo riffage, blast beats, low growls, time signature changes and jumpin’ around Thrashodeath by Cavalera and co, here’s your new record to buy!