Sunday night we’re on our way to AN Club for the last stop of Goatsnake’s european tour.

The show starts at 21:30 with special guests Omega Monolith, who go on for about an hour. Now drone metal is not really my thing so I don’t want to sound unimpressed. The greek duet is technically synchronized and I liked the communication between them on stage. That is appreciated by the crowd, that headbangs to the rhythm. Their music has a dark doom feeling with heavily distorted tunes and the extended use of sound effects. At some points it can get monotonous, at others it has interesting build-ups and crescendos. A big plus is their drummer being really dynamic. The volume of their set should have been a little lower though…

After the necessary break while the crowd fills the club, Goatsnake appear on stage at 23:00. The band immediately reminds everyone why we’re here, with a bunch of favourite oldies: Slippin the stealth – Flower of disease – The orphan, and it’s getting wild! They let us know how much they enjoyed Athens and they move on to a back to back mini set from their latest album: the homonymous Black age blues first, Elevated man with a crazy guitar/harmonica filled jam, and then Graves to keep us on our toes. The band is on a great mood and their energy is exciting; they almost make us wonder if they really did ever stop playing together.

Stahl’s vocal performance is truly breathtaking (and if you don’t want to take my word, please check out The dealer from that night’s Youtube videos). He sweeps the entire stage and we can’t even get a decent still frame with the camera! Now a little note for the sound settings; I feel that the vocals should have been set a little louder so as to make full justice to such a clear voice. Renner is the band’s noob on the bass (not that he sounds like one though) and takes the microphone to tell us that he is himself just as much of a Goatsnake fan as we are and that he is very happy to be a part of the band.

The pause before the encore gets an unexpected turn when they bring a lit-up cake onstage to sing happy birthday to Greg Anderson! By the end of the one and a half hour long set, we have enjoyed greatest hits (Dealer, Trower, Mower, Innocent) and a fair share of the new release with Coffee & whiskey, my personal favourite A killing blues and the mesmerizing House of the moon as last. After the show, Goatsnake casually hang out with the crowd to chat, sign on vinyls and memorabilia and take pictures with the nicest attitude. We leave with a smile on our face and their lyrics on our mind (from the last song we heard, coming from their third album): we will shine on, third time’s a charm!