Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Iron Shield Records
Year: 2016

Goatsodomizer are good example of patience. Their first two demos were released back in the early 00’s and their first full length comes out now, 15 years later!

Their name in combination with the cover and the fact that they come from Sweden made me lean back and expect nothing more than Scandinavian black metal. Wrong. These guys love punk, Venom, Motorhead (the cover of Going To Brazil confirms that plus it’s pretty good) all blend in with classic heavy metal in mid tempo tracks and vocals that will probably bring you the great Bulldozer in mind. And their lyrics? Well with titles like “Iron Casket”, “Scum Of The Underworld”, “Gore Galore” etc you couldn’t expect love songs and romantic ballads right? So far so good and everything seems to be in place. But the style they choose to play is a bit tricky.

You see down in the root it’s basically what we call today blackened rock n roll and it’s a genre that needs catchier songwriting and that is what Goatsodomizer don’t have. All the rest is there but there is nothing that will make them stand out from the dozens of bands that play in the same style. Add the fact that this is their first album that the band is working on for all these years and you ll be a bit disappointed.

We surely await something better from them in the future.