Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Country: The Netherlands
Label: Metal Blade Records
Year: 2020

This is the eleventh studio album from my favorite Dutch band. And it seems like yesterday when they were releasing the marvelous “Bloody Blasphemy” while trying to make their breakthrough in their career. Since then they continue without looking back showing constancy in their discography, if you leave outside the small gap between “Under the Sign of the Iron Cross” and “The World Ablaze”. Of course they have never released a really bad album and they deserve a much higher status. Some may think I exaggerate but anyway let’s see what we have in this year album. There are many bands in almost all genres where you know exactly what to expect from them or what you will listen in their albums. God Dethroned is one of them but you can put this characteristic on their pros. And the reason is because these Dutchmen have found the formula that fits to their standards and they use it in order to deliver top notch compositions. This is what God Dethroned have been doing since day one. They play exemplary Blackened Death Metal. However, there are some small, distinctive touches to focus here. Keyboards have been added as well as some clean, choral vocal lines, but not so extensively to affect the songwriting DNA of the band. You will hear again their characteristic riffing, some scattered, beautiful melodies as well as their charming dark atmosphere especially, mainly when the tempo gets slower  as in in “Gabriel”. On the other hand, tracks like “Satan Spawn” grab you from the throat. The variety we find throughout their discography is once again present, along with a creepy tendency to classic metal forms that is always blended with their cataclysmic Death Metal. I wouldn’t place “Illuminati” as their top release, but it’s definitely a record that will please their fans and something more than just that…Invest with your eyes closed…