Genre: Black Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Carnal Records
Year: 2018

Swedish Black metallers Grá released their third full length album entitled Väsen yesterday 27.04.2018 via Carnal Records. Väsen is the successor to 2015’s Ending…but let’s see what are the innovative elements that this new album brings to the table.

After three years which is a long time to create an album, the band created a varied album but of course within the black metal’s spectrum. It contains eight pure raw atmospheric tracks with a few hints of thrash elements. Sweden has always provided a breath of fresh air when it comes to black metal, so this is a conventional black metal album but in an unconventional kind of way.

The diabolical Heljarmadr’s(the name derives from the old Scandinavian languages meaning “a man belonging to hell”) vocals, with long time experience in the arts of creating dark satanic music , the fast harsh guitar riffs and the relentless drumming is not letting Gra’s music to become boring in any way whatsoever and the bass’ sound is impure delivering a morbid destructive power. One of the songs that catches your attention is ‘Krig’ that was released in the form of a lyric video by the band and it gives you this angry and macabre feeling with some light keyboard symphonic elements. I think what separates Gra’s Vasen from the revamped Dark Funeral’s music is a more aggressive and spooky approach. We are talking about a solid good black metal album here. I don’t think that many bands can deliver this sound and not become repetitive and monotonous. This band never disappoints to deliver…