Genre: Heavy/Power Μetal
Country: Germany
Label: Napalm Records
Year: 2020

Grave Digger are one of the hard-working bands out there. And they release new albums very often. But in such a rich discography you can find weak moments rather easily. “Fields of Blood” that ends their Scottish trilogy can’t escape from being in contrast to their greatest album “Tunes of War”, and unfortunately losing the battle. But it is much better than “The Clans Will Rise Again”, if this says something to you. Their fans beloved theme isn’t present only in the artwork cover and you can hear several times the bagpipes bringing in mind 1996…Plethora of great guitars and soloing are here and there dotted in whole album in its entirety, sometimes melodic and sometimes rousing, when its needed. Furthermore there’s an epic element in their choruses, something that fits like a glove with the lyrics. Finally, there are many nice songs in the album, something that puts “Fields of Blood” in a good position among the rest of their discography and definitely along with their “good” moments. It was an album that got from hello with all the bagpipes and the nostalgic artwork cover, but there are more than just these elements. This album is a winner by its own. You always know what to expect in a Grave Digger album. And this is what exactly “Fields of Blood” can offer you without any discounts in quality.