Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Rock of Angels Records
Year: 2022

Grave Digger have more than 20 full lengths in their career and they don’t need to prove anything. They are industrious and tireless and they are an fine example for the any new band to follow. Their every release is a celebration for classic Heavy Metal. They have their own sound since middle 90’s and they are unstoppable in terms of their productivity. The question for each of their releases here and for many years is the following; whether it will be a release with many or few good moments? And that’s because over the years, they have never released anything below average. Also, you can easily distinguish them from the rest. It’s not just the characteristic voice of Chris Boltendahl. It’s the timeless Heavy Metal with the staccato rhythm, the atmosphere and the epic feeling, the brilliant choruses and sometimes because of the lyrics. “Symbol of Eternity” not only does it have all these elements in abundance but it also (mainly) has the songs that make the difference. I’m not exaggerating when I say that “Symbol of Eternity” is the best album they have released since “Rheingold”, so their best over almost 20 years! They risked going back to the Crusades. They risked because in this way, the comparison with the flawless “Knights of the Cross” would be fatal. Νevertheless, “Symbol of Eternity” may succeed in this comparison because it has not only instant classics but also a very good set of compositions. The tracks are in their familiar style but they play with a lot of passion and having fresh ideas. The cover of “Hellas” from Vasilis Papakonstantinou gives us the studio version of what we had listen in their concerts in Greece.