Genre: Black / Death Metal
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Sepulchral Voice Records / Dark Descent Records
Release: May 2021

Grave Miasma have always been one of the bands that hold a special place in my mind and soul, coming to my life during a dark era and the reasons why will be explained later on. The thoughts that will be translated into words in this attempt to evaluate the last complete album of the British beast will be of a dual nature, balancing between the objective and the subjective point of view of things.

Even though “Abyss of Wrathful Deities” came out later than anticipated as the successor to “Odori Sepulcrorum”, it compensated us in the best possible way. Grave Miasma are still experimenting with their sound to some extent, offering us an album that is probably the most dynamic of all their releases to date. Without straying from their identity, they let us drown in a torrent of rushing riffs with dissonant character, massive drums that resolutely support every second and vocals that awaken our wildest emotions.

The multiple, alternating rhythms, reinforced by the abrupt tempo changes, combined with GM’s distinctive skill and dexterity and – for me – the much more organic sound compared to previous records, offer “Abyss of Wrathful Deities” a place in the top ten records for 2021.

On the more subjective side of things, Grave Miasma have the mesmerizing ability to create and manipulate a huge range of emotions via the atmosphere they meticulously build. Personally, every listening session, of any release, made me feel that I radiate a kind of power that’s been hiding within me for good, in a primitive and extraterrestrial kind of way. In the case of “Abyss”, the coherence of the tracks, the sequence between them, the reverb of the recording and the mystical character of many of the riffs included, made me feel omnipotent every f* time. As if the beast inside me is waking up after a very long time. As if sensations never acknowledged before are starting to vigorously making their presence felt. A liberation of the self at every level. This ability is frightening and at the same time splendorous. And the fact that the band returns to discography each time after a long period of silence, makes the aforementioned emotions even more intense.

Bearing in mind that overanalyzing things strip them of the element of surprise and due to the fact that (I believe) this album was intended to create a very intimate rapport with each listener, I shall speak no more to avoid doing injustice. Let Grave Miasma captivate you. Surrender.