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Genre: Old School Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Century Media
Year: 2015

Grave have been going through a second inspiration youth, with great releases from 2008 onwards: “Dominion VIII” , “Burial Ground” (2010), the excellent “Endless Procession of Souls” (2012 – one of their best albums of their career), “Morbid Ascent” E.P. (2013), and now the time has come for “Out of Respect for the Dead”.

First of all, we have to mention that all these releases have one more thing in common: the artwork, all beautifully made by Costin Chioreanu (one of the greatest artists nowadays – also At The Gates, Lake of Tears, Abyssus, Darkthrone and many more). Don’t expect much new to be heard in this album, nothing but stubborn and well-played old school death metal from one of the masters in the genre. Grave still have it. Maybe there are more mid-tempo tracks than in “Endless Procession…”, but the result is just the same: metal pleasure for our ears. “Mass Grave Mass” and “Redeemed Through Hate” are written to be classics and make us looking forward to hearing them performed live, “Deified” is THE pure and hellish death metal hymn, and “Trail of Ungodly Trades” is streaming! Sound production is good, the vocals of Ola Lindgren are of high standards as usual, and the rhythm section could be described as cannons at a battle.

For years, Grave have been making us happy with every release: they hold the flag of true death metal high, and I am sure they will keep doing it for many more years to come. Total respect to the dead.