I cannot give a good reason why works of some artists get lost in the lot and why works of the very same artists meet with great recognition and acceptance. Of course, we’re talking about works of the same quality that either didn’t come out with the right timing or are just doomed since their birth. Honestly, how many of you out there, who think are overly deep into obscure metal releases, deal with Iron Age, a band that’s floating between demise and immortality the last dozen years? And yes, enough people dealt with Graven Rite, especially after the launch of Jason Tarpey’s shares at the same time as his success with Eternal Champion, but honestly how can we ignore such diamonds? At a time when everyone is trying to seem trve and kvlt, releases such as the mini album ‘The Summoner’s Pit Demo’ look like the waters of Pinios and Alfios that cleaned Augeia’s stables. Unfortunately, the dirty lot of the releases that overwhelm us needs more than allegorical demigods who really fight to find a place in the sun…Graven Rite - The Summoner's Pit Demo 2 Graven Rite were born of Iron Age ashes, Integrity and members of Ancient Wisdom and come from Austin, Texas. “Summoner’s Pit Demo” was recorded in 2012, as a mini-CD and cassette, part of Stormspell Record’s “Jewels Of Gwahlur” series, and now, with some delay, the Greek Alone Records Records printed it in an elegant version, retaining the original artwork, limited to 500 hand-numbered pieces. Musically the epic atmosphere embraces / covers everything while Tarpey’s voice with its uniqueness dominates everything. They clearly move on rough and sloppy trails as they were drawn by Manilla Road, which is the main influence of the act. Borrowed Time will be of course brought to mind, as well as Eternal Champion, while there is a light Blue Oyster Cult pinch in some compositions where they decide to commemorate the 70’s. Production is raw; we are talking about an early demo recording while guitars have been taught much by ‘The Deluge’ and ‘Crystal Logic’. The songs are simply structured, but they have a misleading travel tendency that provokes a more elusive progressive mood. The cult-meter has probably been broken as the indicators suggest, so invest in it with your eyes shut!!!