Genre: Death Metal
Country: Spain
Εταιρία: War Anthem Records
Year: 2018

Those who are under the impression that death metal is dead (see what I did there?) should listen to Graveyard and their new EP “Back to the Mausoleum”. The Spaniards know their stuff and are not afraid to show their skill. That’s pretty normal though, considering that they are a 10-year-old band with 3 full length albums, 3 EPs, 10 split and a collection… after all that we pretty much know what to expect from them in “Back to the Mausoleum”. Though many people consider the band to be a part of the Swedish death metal sub-genre, at least partially, personally I disagree. Indeed, there are elements from that scene but they are much more than just that. I could be wrong but there were moments when Graveyard reminded me of Memoriam and, obviously, the rest of that supergroup’s members’ bands (like Bolt Thrower).

True to their style, the EP begins with a dark intro that does nothing to prepare us for the next 19 minutes. Thus, while we listen to the eerie melodies of “Scorched Earth”, “And the Shadow Came” arrives on our speakers, a simple yet elegant, in its death metal ways, song that makes us to start moving our heads to its rhythm. The next song “Craving Cries I Breath” is faster than the previous track but, apart from its speed, it follows the same death metal paths that characterize this EP. “In Contemplation” is closer to good old British death metal while the fifth, and last, song “An Epiphany of Retribution” makes a full circle with a short intro. that takes us to the beginning of this release. Thatshortintroisfollowed by true death metal, slowly at first but with its tempo going up at certain points.

All in all, “Back to the Mausoleum” is a decent release that, for better or worse, doesn’t add something new to the genre. Simpleand heavy in its composition, that release is here to give us another reason to start banging our head (damn you, it’s summer and the weather is too fucking hot for headbanging).