Genre: Post-Black/Shoegaze/Ambient
Country: Brazil
Label: Digital
Year: 2017

I have only a few years since I began to be involved more actively in with whatever in music includes the word ‘post’ and I admit that in this short period of time, I have discovered a substantial number of diamonds that deserve some special attention. One of these cases, and certainly one of the most interesting releases I have listened to lately, is the recent album – third in a row – of GRAY SOUVENIRS, a solo project from Brazil that exists since 2015.

Listening to ‘Magnificence’ – which Putrefactus, the mastermind of the project, characterizes as an ode about all the things we miss – you can easily realize that it is psychedelic and dark, but at the same time so… crisp and gentle; in sum, it is exactly what the title says: magnificent. The osmosis of ideas is more than ideal, despite the peculiar changing of style into the songs and the result is absolutely well-balanced and certainly not boring, while the sequence between the different parts of the tracks is memorable.

About its production, this is so clear and well-worked and the ‘crystal’ freshness that gushes from the first to the last second embraces the chaos created by the full-of-reverb guitar themes, either performing post-black passages or ambient chords. What may be bad for many is the complete absence of vocals, but it is clear that the album is built in such a way that it does not need them at all.

To summarize, the 45 minutes of ‘Magnificence’ are enough to enchant you. Listening to previous Brazilian works, it is obvious that their new album is the most complete one they have released since now and, as I say in the introduction, is certainly one of the most interesting releases I have listened to lately, regardless of the musical genre.