Genre: Stoner/Doom Metal/Rock
Country: England
Label: Svart Records
Year: 2021

Green Lung are hailing from London, England and this 5-piece band released their sophomore album in 2021 following their debut “Woodland Rites” that came in and impressed many doomsters out there with its Sabbath-inspired riffs, in a ’70s proto-metal meets stoner rock meets Doom hybrid. I believe that here we are dealing with a more focused, more mature and settled band. Green Lung unfold a variety of influences from Uriah Heep to Deep Purple through Queen and psychedelic parts and elements that enrich the Sabbathian way the riffs are born and the Heavy/Doom fueled occult vision of its members meets Pentagram and Witchfinder General electric energy through 10 ambitious compositions about Satan, Witchcraft, Wilderness. Well some parts bring in mind Ghost (and the song“The Harrowing”US arena rock heroes Boston and I say it as very good thing) and I say it as bad thing, not that I hate Ghost but it sounds a bit repetitive and uninspired when it happens while on the other hand I enjoyed more than I should the catchy keyboard lines that give a symphonic hint and majesty to Green Lung’s sound. Not as dark or obscure as Blood Ceremony, not as catchy as Ghost, but interesting and charming as King Witch, Green Lung released with “Black Harvest” a top-notch record that 70’s rock worshippers can’t avoid to just glorifying it. Highlights: The epic, sad closer “Born to a Dying World, the first 2 singles “Leaders of the Blind” and “Reaper’s Scythe”, “Black Harvest” that opens the B’ side of the album and “Upon the Altar” (which is the 4th single, the 3rd “Graveyard Sun” is ok but nothing outstanding).