Genre: Viking/Black Metal
Country: Ελλάδα
Label: Metal Throne Productions/ Mercyful Hell Productions
Year: 2018

It has only been two years since Gungnir were formed so to finally bring to the light of the day their debut EP, entitled “Ragnarok”, which is an ode to norse deities, mythology and the pagan culture in general. Strongly influenced by mighty Bathory, among other tremendous band of the genre like Moonsorrow, Brymir, Ereb Altor and Falkenback, “Ragnarok” includes 5 tracks, along with an intro and an outro. On the intro, swords fighting and people screaming in agony implies a great introduction for the listener, since it represents 100% of what is due to appear; a band bowing down to the early scandinavian extreme metal scene. “The Wanderer” is by the far the best track of all 5 since it has a nostalgic essence, while “Our Swords For Thor” is a great tribute to the “Blood, Fire, Death” album. The outro matches perfectly with the entire outcome, closing up “Ragnarok” the best way possible. “Ragnarok” is due to be out on April 2018 on CD via Metal Throne, while Mercyful Hell prods is in charge for the the cassete format of the EP.