Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Country: Greece
Label: AFM Records
Year: 2021

Gus G. has played in many different bands from the start of his career till now. In some of them, he was limited with his playing, because of the typical standards of some genres. In his solo records, he feels more comfortable to play anything he wants. “Fearless”, released in 2018 and it was an indication of a more typical group. Dennis Ward was the main singer and they weren’t so many guest musicians. Nevertheless, in “Quantum Leap”, Gus G. decides to play only instrumental songs. I didn’t want to criticize this decision until the day Ι would listen to the album in its entirety. And you know what? The result is amazing. I had a doubt but fortunately, I was refuted. He could easily create an album with many technical and difficult parts because he is a great virtuoso guitar player. That would be disappointing for many fans. Of course, it is interesting for the guitar players but it’s boring for the rest of the fans. From the moment this did not happen, the album is easy to listen. Οf course the playing is in top notch level but the composition are so well crafted that this is what matter above all. Τhe songs have a variety of sounds and the album is very pleasant to listen to. Songs move effortlessly from blues to hard rock and from traditional heavy metal to modern with shredding guitars. Melody is sometimes so intense that you don’t need a singer to sing any lyrics, as it is imprinted in your brain and you silent sing along its tune. So, “Quantum Leap”, is an album that concerns all heavy metal fans. We wait to see if he will continue to record instrumental albums or albums like “Fearless”. One way or another…in Gus G, we trust. The new album is released with many live versions of Gus G. songs that were in his previous LPs.