Genre: Doom Metal, Horror Metal, Vintage Psychedelic
Country: Italy / Finland
Label: Cruz del Sur Music
Year: 2017

About a year ago, a quite interesting release saw the light of day via Cruz del Sur Music Records, which combined the forces between the Italians Hands of Orlac and Finnish The Wandering Midget. It’s a split release between those bands, offering a relaxed, soothing experience for the listener. More specifically, on one side of the album, we’ve got four tracks by Hands of Orlac, while on the other side, a single track from the Wandering Midget (however lasting for more than 18 minutes).

In the first case, we’re dealing with a female fronted band, with dark and mysterious entities that transfer their occult thoughts through their music. Although the compositions are rather simple, we’re not looking for any extravaganza here, and the techniques used hold no extremity, however one can distinguish some progressive metal touches, while the flute and probably an instrument like glockenspiel, attach an exotic quality to the band’s work. The tracks  were recorded by veteran producer Berno Paulsson at the renowned Berno Studio in Malmö, Sweden.

Moving forward, we meet the Finnish Doomsters “The Wandering Midget”, who offer us as already mentioned just a single track. This is their first offering in over five years of silence, and is a true stroke of monolithic doom, laced with anguished, slow-churned melodies and the animated vocals of Samuel Wormius. “Where We March The Vultures Follow” sounds like a collaboration between Black Sabbath and Candlemass, so devotees of the genre will most likely find something to indulge themselves with. Slow and suffocating at times, faster than Hands of Orlac’s compositions at other times, it offers quite wholesome experience, without tiring the listeners ear.

Give this split a chance, especially after a long day. It’ll probably make you see reality with fresh eyes and give you the power you need to face it.