Genre: Post Black Metal
Country: Austria
Label: AOP Records
Year: 2021

We are going to Austria today with a super band that needs no introduction. Harakiri For The Sky with this year’s epic album which was released on the 19th of February. Its title, “Mære” and it is the band’s 5th album.

This review will be a short one and to be honest it will be more of a deification on my part, just like it happened with their previous album, “Arson”. We are talking about an album that in its worst moments (it doesn’t have those kind of moments) is a solid 10, but it normally goes to 11 (yes I know that I made that reference before, but I couldn’t help it). Let’s go a bit into specifics of what I mean.

In terms of the album’s sound, everything is perfect. The guitars sound well-polished and right, the bass as much as needed, the drums (played by Septicflesh’s Kerim “Krimh” Lechner for this album) neither too loud nor in the background and the vocals are tearing our souls again as much as needed. The album has some clean guitars here and there and everything is balanced and placed as a professional band like Harakiri For The Sky knows how to do.

Let’s go to the compositions and the album’s performance… Do I really have to write something? Really? Ok I will… Feelings, outbursts, atmosphere and technique. All together, in the correct proportions without something missing so something else should “cover” it and without something going on top of something else.

Like I said in the beginning, this “review” or deification will be a short one in terms of this text’s size. The only thing I will say to close it is that if you still haven’t listened to it/bought it/got to know it, do it not yesterday, but LAST MONTH! I will also say this: When this album was released, I was a bit skeptic about its length. We are talking about a double CD, with a total length of 84 minutes! It is not something that we see a lot from bands and not many bands are risking doing something similar. Here, Harakiri For The Sky, risked and succeeded and I will say that my skepticism was gone when the first CD ended and I wanted more… RUN AND BUY IT!!!