Genre: US Power/Thrash/Heavy Metal
Country: Greece
Year: 2019

It is very important for a band that now starts its journey in music industry to filter its influences and probably indulging them in order to know in which music path it will walk. Hateflames members know exactly what they want but mostly they understand the essence of the music that they are stand for. They are a new band that exists from 2016 and this is their debut full length. “Tomorrow Erased” is based on traditional metal through a modern approach though. But secondary it also has a lot of US Power elements. There are many melodic parts on guitars as in high pitched vocals too, which is band’s ace on their sleeve and probably their strongest potential and advantage. They can build anything upon this advantage they have and I think they’ll bring you in mind some really great band you love such as Riot or Crimson Glory. You can also find many thrash elements too, mostly coming from the 90’s era, when US bands somehow focused on compositions rather than high speed tempos. Something that Hateflames should also do. They have nice songs, that some of them are long enough that shows the hard work and their skills but I can hear a couple of fillers that could have been left out, in order to keep the listeners interest undiminished. But this is their first effort, and as they definitely deserve some kudos, I believe that time is on their side in order to improve even more. Last but not least, I have this feeling, their sound fits in more straightforward songs.