Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Violent Creek Records
Release: August 17th, 2018

As probably all have figured out, in the last 3 years, two are the ways which Thrash Metal follows: the bands either have stopped producing new music and new albums bringing the Middle Ages to the genre, either the few who try to release new music are more retro than my white sneakers. Meh. Thankfully, amidst this lot of stench and decay, Hateful Agony have once more emerged to save the day and prove that when you’re passionate about the things you do, only good can come out of it. No compromise, no succumb to norms and rules. The sixth album of the Germans, that is entitled “Plastic Culture Pestilence” (oh, what a wonderful title!), brings Hateful Agony in the front and reminds us how good can Thrash Metal be when it’s stripped of morbid thinking and cliques that decide who is worth and who is garbage. Classic Thrash Metal structures with a modern twist, a huge load of crushing riffs, enough solos and blastbeats to bang your head to and that wonderful vocals mixing Razor’s Sheepdog and Asphyx’s Drunen. What’s better than that? Probably nothing. Follow the link below to listen to and of course order Hateful Agony’s new album. Don’t miss it!