Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Shadow Kingdom Records
Year: 2018

We have written a few words for Haunt a couple of months earlier when their 4 track EP finally was printed by Shadow Kingdom Records. Trevor William Church, which I have to mention once again that, happens to be the child of William “The Electric” Church (Montrose/Sammy Hagar) has nailed it one more time, now with the help of a full lineup. The final result is aside the improved clarity, more solid and in terms of musicianship we hear stronger drums, tighter guitars and the soloing is much brighter too. A 100% American album that blends so perfectly the N.W.O.B.H.M. elements and the rock n’ roll roots it just can’t be ignored by any true fan of Heavy Metal. I think that since the release of 2017’s Luminous Eyes EP is a rather short time period but yet Haunt worked really hard and ‘Burst Into Flame’ resonates catchy, melodic still hard as a rock with many speed guitars and chuggy rhythms that enriches the perfectly balanced sound. The songwriting is top notch and probably nostalgic as it is so analog and lo-fi, if we dare to compare it to the majority of today’s metal bands. I have to say that the melodic moments aren’t so Maiden-isque as you may thought that they would sound and “Frozen In Time,” “Looking Glass,” or “Reflectors,” “My Mirage,” and “Can’t Get Back” have the potential to win a larger audience for them. I don’t know if you will find the time to hear this album but if you do (c’mon below there’s the full streaming, just push play…) you‘ll discover a new band that you can add next to Cauldron, Gycax, The Sword and all this type of groups records. Probably Haunt sound a little bit more serious and focused than the aforementioned bands.