Haunted, Italy, Doom, SToner, Sludge, Twin Earth, 2016, Reviews

Genre: Doom/Stoner/Sludge
Country: Ιtaly
Label: Τwin Earth
Year: 2016


No, not the Swedish band. It’s Haunted, not The Haunted. These guys are Italians. I think from Sicily if I remember correctly. What? No, they are playing neither death metal, nor thrash. Hey, I’m telling you it’s another band! Why don’t you get it? They sound like Electric Wizard with female vocals. Cool right? Do you know Windhand? Something like that. The whole band is rolled in dirt and mud on the floor, but the singer stands with her maxi dress and her high heels… elegant as fuck. Yeah, Acid King play something similar to this, but Haunted areis more lyrical. Maybe, it’s because of Verdi and their Latin culture. Who knows! Now that we are talking about it, their singer reminds me a bit of Tanya from Greek doomsters Uninverse217. It might be the Mediterranean atmosphere then causing all this sweetness. Avatarium? No, no, they are more metal than heavy and their sound is so clear you can drink water straight up from it with safety. The sound of Haunted is full of rocks, mud, destruction and tons of dirt. Nevertheless, the truth is that the five songs that are presented here (43 minutes) are rolling very-very smoothly. Especially the 9 minute song Slowthorn… you will listen to it over and over again and will be like the first time. Finally, I have to give credit to the emerging label Twin Earth for adding one more masterpiece at their collection.