Genre: Punk / Garage Rock / Post – Rock / Post – Punk
Country: Greece
Label: –
Release: 14 Μαΐου 2018

The composition and production of Punk music, interwoven and inseparably connected with the entire Punk mentality, is something I admire since I was able to understand a few things better; I especially admire the bands that come from the Greek “world”. One of the most interesting DIY releases of 2018 sprang from Head On, with “Ubik” magnetizing my interest from the first moment. We’re dealing with an extremely well-crafted album that blends classic punk rhythms with post, new wave and garage, stretching a veil over your head that brings darkness to your world, separating you by all things natural. At the same time, some injections of “old-fashioned” rock’n’roll act as the appropriate psychological boost. For those whogot puzzled with the name of the album, ‘Ubik’ means ‘the one who oversees everything’. “Ubik” is the title of a novel by Philip K. Dick, the well-known writer of science fiction books. Production was handled by the band itself and Iraklis Vlachakis, who even undertook the recording, mixing and mastering processes. Are you still here? Hit it!