Little is known about this mysterious band that in the mid-90s emerged on to the scene under the name Holy Moses and released two self-released albums ‘Latitude Zero’ (’95) and ‘Rock n Roll Forever’ (’96) before changing their name to Killer Khan. They would go on to release the third album ‘Kill Devil Hills’ in 1999 and re-release ‘Rock n’ Roll Forever’ in 2001 under the new moniker. Throughout this time the band received a fair amount of attention worldwide in the press with several positive reviews and extensive interviews in such magazines as Germany’s ‘That’s Metal’ and Japan’s ‘Burnn!’, among others. “A weird sound, a great sound, something like old Savatage crossed with Cathedral with a bunch of weirdo indie moves. It’s so cool that metal freaks like this exist and just crank the stuff” – Martin Popoff (BW&BK) After eight years of seeking out the band and the man known as Killer Khan (aka Killian Khan) Heaven and Hell Records have located him tucked away deep in the mountains of Western North Carolina. There he has been for more than a decade, quietly waiting for the right time to resurface onto the underground scene. In June of this year a re-issue of the Kill Khan’s debut ‘Kill Devil Hills’ is scheduled for release. The re-issue will include new artwork, bonus tracks, and will be re-mastered by Jamie King at The Basement Studios. This CD release will be limited to 500.

Track List includes:
01. Computer Icon
02. Dr. Strangelove
03. Kill Devil Hills
04. Wicked Chimes of the Southern Bells
05. Supersonic Masquerade
06. Evilution
07. The Alamo
08. Metal Death Star
09. Mt. Olympus

Bonus Tracks
10. Abomination
11. Aceman (part II)