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HEAVY LOAD are known as the “First Viking Metal band ever”, and all their releases are an absolute classics of the Classic Heavy Metal genre. “Death Or Glory” is their second studio album, originally released in 1982, and includes the ultimate metal hymns such as “Heavy Metal Angels” and “The Guitar Is My Sword”. The No Remorse Records reissue is the FIRST OFFICIAL ONE and made in full cooperation with the band, since the Japanese version released in 1996 – remastered from the original source tapes by the Wahlquist brothers, incl. bonus tracks, and coupled with an amazing booklet.

The album will be available as: regular CD version, deluxe digipak CD, black vinyl LP with bonus CD, limited edition red vinyl LP with bonus CD, and a limited edition box set, that includes: blue vinyl LP with bonus CD, digipak CD, as well as an exclusive t-shirt and a patch. Each CD pre-ordered at comes with a free patch, and each LP comes with a free poster with the album artwork.

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