Get a review, an article, a text or a script in a newspaper, magazine, or other publication (or on internet), about any classic album from Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath that has been written in all of these years. No leave Sabbath outside, or better leave Ozzy-era out, as it was more doom than what we want here. Anyway, take this piece of writing which expresses reverence to the glorious Irons and change the titles of the songs and you have the review on Heavy Metal Chainsaw. Stop laughing you arrogant piece of shit and turn the volume up !!! Heavy Metal Chainsaw is a masterpiece of Heavy Metal, a consignment to future generations and most of all a brilliant neck-wrecking, fist-pumping blow-your-speakers or fuck off and die album of pure steel and tons of N.W.O.B.H.M.-worship ball-crusher riffs!!! Japan’s Metalucifer (a side -project of the almighty Sabbat’s frontman Gezol) is not a well kept secret of the underground. Or the most fitting headliner name for the Keep It True Festival. And definitely are not just a band that uses unadulterated the word “Heavy Metal” in its song titles. With only 3 studio albums in more than 20 years the true essence and the whole culture and philosophy of the genre is tending to infiltrate in every second of their music. Speaking of their sophomore album that followed their excellent debut Heavy Metal Drill (1996 via Metal Proof), Heavy Metal Chainsaw is structured around the astonishing riffing which creates so sticky rhythms that are impossible to remove from your brain. Ok, we all know that bands churching out similar ideas but only a few can filter their influences and give birth to something unique. Metalucifer certainly are one of those few ones.  Iron Maiden, Accept, Angel Witch, Saxon and all the leviathans of obscure metal are present here with one or another way. The music of the album is written in ’98 and the lyrics one year later from Gezolucifer, except one song.  The record consists of 8 larger than life songs that only gods of metal can write. The Japanese accent of Gezolucifer gives extras kudos and a cult tint to the album. No fillers here, give me a break, only anthems with simply amazing guitars, more than excellent solos and gargantuan choruses. ‘Northern Heroes’ is born for arenas, Chainsaw is a jaw dropping opener, Samurai is a mixture of exciting riffage and an awesome and simple as fuck chorus , Warriors Ride On The Chariots is a galloping Armageddon, Revolution is a riot’s soundtrack, Metalucifer (Part 2) is a Steve Harris instrumental composition or it should be (!), Lost Sanctuary is a headbanging crescendo hymn, Flight Of Iron Pegasus has an enormous opening riff and a shocking rhythm (and while the music is written from Elizaveat somewhere in the 90’s the lyrics are written in 2001 from Bart Gabriel and Gezol). Straightforward metal with early 80’s American and N.W.O.B.H.M. elements spread all over its 46 minutes and 46 seconds, Christ on a bike this album is written in 2001, that means it turns 17 and it is so fresh and so vivid! Please don’t miss the opportunity to add it to your collection, in any of the available versions out there. Highlights? Hahahaha, all of it!!!