Borrowed Time come from the (recently bankrupted) state of Detroit, while they were founded only in 2010. Their first effort was a compilation of demos and live recordings entitled “Arcane Metal Arts” (2010), while afterwards came a 7” split single “Black Olympia” with Wytch Hazel. Their first release became a sensational underground gem that got them a record deal with High Roller records. However, their collaboration ended with “Borrowed Time”. Back then in 2013, the band presented to us 9 new compositions including some older ones upgraded, like “Wallow In The Mire”, “Dawn For The Glory Rider” and “Of Nymph and Nihil”. Their main influences include Ostrogoth, Angel Witch, Manilla Road (they did a cover of Necropolis in Arcane Metal Arts) and some less well-known names of cult metal, like Atlain, Salem’s Wytch and Virtue. It’s a definitely decent release, headed for a specific group of people. It can be described as a cult release, but in comparison to their first record, this one can be directed to a larger number of fans because of its more contemporary sound. It should not be omitted that the band has meliorated both compositionally and technically; every song is well-written and structured. Some people might be missing the raw, old school sound of ‘Arcane Metal Arts’ though. In “Of Nymph And Nihil”, J. Priest, the lead vocalist gives an extraordinary performance, while in “Wallow In The Mire” the lyrics are about fantasy and escaping every miserably aspect of reality. All their lyrics are well-written enough and have an allegorical interpretation in order to negotiate with every day subjects and the human nature in general. “The Thaumaturgist” has some nice and thick guitars, while “A Titan’s Chain” has a nice change in the middle. A pure heavy metal -at its finest- release is what you get by purchasing this album from your local disc store. Do you need more reasons to spend money this Xmas? (not to mention the fact that you could have bought it from 2013…)


Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: High Roller Records
Year: 2013

Line up:
J. Priest – All Voices, Keyboards

Matt Preston – Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Keyboards
Victor Ruiz – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Mark Kiseliovas – Bass Guitar
Sam Ceckowski – Drums