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Genre: Viking/Black Metal
Country: Norway
Label: Dark Essence Records
Year: 2019

Oblivion, the state of not being able to remember is a Utopia. No one can run from their memories. You’re looking back everyday and it’s some sort of a test. Being let down and being successful can be mistaken when you repeat desires, loss, passions, cravings and longings. Your memory will triumph when it possesses the human mind. An environmental change or being enslaved in the urban landscape won’t matter. Salvation comes when your mind is busy with minor problems but when it becomes free it goes back to the usual places where it once wandered, ran, hurt, swam. The places that made you cry, laugh, confront even though it was stabbed deeply by desire and fear. Water, as an element is connected with life and rain. Its drops quench your thirst, wash away your soul and the sound of rain calms you even if there’s a storm. Rignir works like that. Sounds like it comes from a timeless starting point with minimalistic patterns and a colourless smell that makes the listener thing of familiar pictures connected to their mind. Every piece of the puzzle piled up in a timeless attempt to run away from them/to visit them with every given chance is the road to salvation. Musically, there’s something fresh in the elements combined by the Norwegians. They give in to melancholy skillfully, without losing their sound. Progressive yet extreme, in a simple experimental lyrical crescendo. Guitars signature by the 12 year duet H’grimnir/Reichborn and vocals by V’gandr and H’grimnir leave some space for the crystal clear vocals to shine with their screams in a lower tone creating sound of despair. Strong playing with crucial kicks/knocks and monumental drumming by Hrymr. Not that brilliant as an album, but it’s something personal, not deep but emotive. Worth a listen if you’re a fan of Enslaved and Solstafir.