Genre: Punk /Rock ‘N Roll
Country: Norway
Label : Mighty Music
Year: 2016

Hellhikers originate from a small town in Norway called Aalesund, and play a rock and roll hybrid with lots of punk elements in the spirit of Turbonegro and Misfits. It’s actually natural to strongly hear their influences as the band now forms its identity, and these (the influences) are no other (apart from the above) than the Stooges, Motörhead and at points an aesthetic (sonically always) of the second wave of British punk. The lyrics concern fast bikes, science fiction in the light of the 70’s and general topics you encounter in B-movies. The record lacks the track – potential hit – that will rocket them even higher and make the band break the limits of the underground as the songs aren’t weak or make you lose interest. As a matter of fact, they’re quite fun to listen to and have something to give, surrounding the listener with loads of energy. The band needs some work to be done but it’s moving on the right track and have something to tell (“Devils Rides Out” is quite a good track / sample of their talent). Until next time…