Genre: Black/ Speed/ Thrash
Country: Scotland/ Japan
Label: Granite Factory Records
Year: 2018

It has only been one year since Hellripper pulled out their debut full-length record “Coagulating Darkness” and to be honest, ever since, I can’t but wait with excitement each step they take. For those who don’t know, Hellripper is an one-man project band by James McBrain, hailing from Scotland and I’m still not quite sure if he’s not actually the bastard child of Lemmy and Tom Angelripper. This time, we have a split release of Hellripper with Barbatos, a legendary 90’s thrash/speed/black band from Tokyo, also an one man project by Yasuyuki Suzuki. In this split release, each band contributes with two songs; “Nunfucking Armageddon 666” and “Vomit On The Cross” for Hellripper, while “Midnight Breaker” and “My Sweet Girls” for Barbatos. Both are sweet cases of demolishioning, raw, speed metal, influenced by legendary acts such as Venom, Sodom, Motorhead, as well as Midnight, Toxic Holocaust and Speedwolf. The cassete form of the split will be released via Granite Factory Records in July 2018, while in August it will be out in a 7” by Undercover Records and Evil Spell Records. Artwork was done by Skaðvaldur.