Genre: Death Metal
Country: Germany / Croatia
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Release: 06/06/2019

I have no idea how to start with this one. I guess that the album’s title says it all. “Death Metal Drunks”. Probably the most suitable album title ever.

The band Hereza, hailing from Stuttgart, presented their third studio album entitled “Death Metal Drunks” and in just 11 tracks, have managed to engulf everything that makes a Saturday night worth living; getting black-out drunk with immeasurable quantities of alcohol and possibly torturing the enemies of metal in a dark alley. A Death ‘n’ Roll storm, with many Punk boosts, that makes you wonder what the fuck would happen if they toured with Entombed; clubs and venues would be demolished, for sure! In their entirety, the compositions are an ode to sonic anarchy, which, despite their nihilistic character and their willingness to take it all in stride, bring a smile to your face. They set your mood; violence and paranoia.

Contrary to all of the above, there are two points that I find quite a downer: first I would prefer a bit more depth in the mixing of the album because all the tracks sound a bit shallow despite the fact that they clearly have dynamics, and secondly it would be wonderful if the compositions were a bit more inspired.

“Death Metal Drunks” was released digitally and on CD via Godz Ov War Productions. Members of Sinister, Gorthaur’s Wrath and King Satan are also featured.