Genre: Power / Speed / Thrash
Country: U.S.A.
Label: High Roller Records

HEXX! The legendary Power / Speed / Thrash band that originally came out during the 80’s is back! Well to tell the truth, they have been around for some time now, and they already have released a comeback album called “Wrath of the reaper” a couple of years ago, but this time they are actually back to their music roots with a new album called “Entangled in Sin”.

For those who are not familiar with the band, HEXX appeared somewhere in the early 80’s as a Heavy / Power band, yet the incorporation of Speed elements in their second album led them to go full thrash before disbanding. Yet the original member Dan Watson along with drummer John Shafer enlisted a new line up (one of them being the legendary Bobbie Wright of BROCAS HELM) and they returned with new great music.

“Entangled in Sin” is the natural continuation of the band’s previous album “Wrath of the reaper”, only this time HEXX focused on the classic Heavy / Power elements of their music instead of the Speed / Thrash ones. Therefore, its closer to the band’s early works rather than the latest ones. Although there is a modern vibe all through the album, the songwriting is based on the traditional recipe and the songs follow the typical 80’s song structure. Examples of the above are songs like “Touch of the Creature” or “Internal Enemy” which stand as a fine example of traditional formed, performed in a modern way.

Songwriting varies from more traditional (“Beautiful Lies”, “Over but the Bleeding”, “Watching me Burn”) to faster and more aggressive (“Vultures Gather Round”, “Power Mad”) yet each one of the tracks mentioned above have the noticeable sound of HEXX.

Eddy Vega’s vocals are fitting perfectly to the music, high pitched, rough, and hoarse at times, while the production is loud and clear with the guitar sound being heavy with a thrash touch.

To make a long story short, I would like to say that HEXX managed to create another fine album. Do not expect a full retro sound, instead get ready for a fresg sounding still totally old school album, that flows smoothly and it is highly enjoyable.

written by Zippo