Genre: Stoner/Sludge/Doom metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: eOne
Year: 2018

High On Fire is one of the greatest bands of nowadays, having a unique sound, reminding so many things and nothing at the same time, releasing classic albums and making Spectacular shows. High On Fire is simply a legend.

Three years ago, they released their masterpiece called “The Luminiferous’’ which is their best album so far (you can read my review here). As the years were passing they managed to overcome themselves and every new release is proven better than its predecessor. This continuous tide of quality was the major reason why the band is among the best metal groups in the last two decades.

“Electric Messiah” is the band’s new, eighth album, which had the difficult mission to be proved worthy compared to “Luminiferous”. Without being a bad album at all, “Electric Messiah” could not touch the high level of their previous diamond. The songs sound a little flat, composed on a safe mode, making the impression that the band was not trying to excel it’s sound (which is the trademark for the band). While someone is listening to the album doesn’t get surprised at all, although good riffs exist. Other bands would worship Satan to release such an album but for High on Fire is just another day at work. We must note that old time classic songs such as “God of the Godless” (what a fantastic title!) and of course the track-epilogue “Drowning Dog” are also making their appearance at “Electric Messiah”. It would be unfair not to recognize the quality of the album, but for some of us the result may not be exactly what we expected from Mr. Pike and his gang. Last but not least, we should mention the existence of  the beautiful artwork and the excellent production.

In conclusion, a good album was once again released for the semi-gods High On Fire, but, as we got used to expect the unexpected from their releases we would like to see few more things. It’s a fact that Mr. Pike has never gotten us disappointed.