Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Spain
Label: High Roller
Year: 2018

The plethora of decent heavy metal to whom we almost drowned in at the beginning of the decade has now been greatly diluted. With some individual exceptions, most albums sound pretty much the same, while less bands put their own ideas in their tracks, bringing back to life old ideas without much of an importance (sounds reasonable, BUT!) . Of course, some bands seem like the light at the end of the tunnel. One of those bands is HITTEN, who are back with “Twist Of Fate”.

Yeah, HITTEN were not the ones to discover America, yet it is real hard to get bored while listening to this. It’s an exceptional example of a new bands, fully pumped up for the 80’s era, while breathing new life into it with a more hard & heavy approach. Their title tracks are ridiculously repetitive, but this doesn’t bring us down at all. As we said, they didn’t discover America. Some of their riffs remind of old ideas, (e.g. In The Heat Of The Night – Generation Wild by Crashdiet), but their approach is different, and you definitely won’t think “we’ve heard that before”. Τhose riffs are great, while there aren’t much vocal mistakes. Image, accent, attitude; HITTEN got it all!

Yes, it’s a must for NWOTHM fans who had started being a little disappointed with how things have turned the past few years for this scene.