Genre: Power/Progressive Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Rockshots Records
Year: 2021

The older ones maybe remember the band Hollow, being active just for a while back in 90’s. Particularly, the album “Architect of the Mind” had impressed for its quality. The band split –up. Out of the blue in 2018 they released a new album, after almost 20 years. Their new album is entitled “Tower”. It has this familiar Hollow sound. It’s something in between power and progressive metal, very close to “Conception’s” sound. But, there is an important advantage. They have the immediacy of a heavy metal band. Their songs resemble to little stories, very comprehensible to the listener. Prog elements are also notable, without overruling the compositions. There are many classic metal moments in this album. “Tower” is a concept album. The lyrics emphasize the possibility of change and growth, but also each person’s effort to make better choices. The album is heavy and melodic at the same time. It is very emotional and Andreas Stoltz’s vocals has contributed in this. The most pleasant album to the listener so far and due to the fact that we are talking for a concept album, it sounds like a single meaningful story. Hollow did not return as a nostalgic glimpse. They are back to play today’s power/prog metal.