Genre: Black Metal/ Punk/Death Metal
Country: Denmark
Label: Scarlet Records
Year: 2014

‘World of Tombs’, is the fifth album of the band and for those who don’t know, as I do, they are mixing the primitivism of Celtic Frost and the ugliness of Autopsy, all drenched in the eerie and disturbing rot of early nineties Black Metal. Actually Horned Almighty released pure desecration and blasphemy.

Mixed by J. Bredahl (Ex-Hatesphere, The Kandidate, Barcode etc) in Deadrat Studios, this nine song opus is displaying plenty of brutality still sounding fresh and captivating. The diversity between “fast and furious” black metal and heavy crushing doomy metal gives the listener absolutely no chance of reconciliation, before the last sounds fade out. All wrapped in a thick, heavy and crunchy production.

If you are into Carpathian Forest and Dimmu Borgir meets Celtic Frost style you won’t regret it.