Genre: Black Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Stygian Black Hand
Year: 2017

Let’s meet each other. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Horns & Hooves. Two New Yorkers, former members of Spite who released earlier this year their first EP entitled Morbid Lust. Before that they had a demo in 2016 named Consecrate The Marrow. Horns & Hooves meet the ladies and the gentlemen. Now that you know each other and no one will misunderstand you, the orgy may begin. Kill the lights and enjoy black metal exactly as we have missed it: Rotten, blasphemous, in the vein of Bathory and Venom,Norwegian before Norway was taken by keyboard players and producers who dressed Satan as a little princess and goth vampire fuckers who put Dracula’s diary of romance and female vocals in black metal and tried to castrate it. H&H will give it to you the other way around, filthy, black and black hearted and straight in your face. If you want it anywhere else but the face just ask. Originality? Zero! But if you expect to listen something new, you either listen to the wrong music or you have to dig further and find some deathsters with Mongolian Jazz and sitar licks spread upon their blastbeats while some guy spits his guts out without tomorrow. Copycats? Zero again! While these guys have their influences, you don’t want to sue them, shoot them or laugh at them because this and that reminds you of things. Just pure, evil, vulgar excitement. If you’re still not convinced just listen to them. Because their EP which was a limited print is sold out and very soon – let’s say yesterday- they must make re release it. If ever Marquis de Sade, Rasputin and a Neanderthal man formed up a band, their music would sound exactly like this. Release your new album now fuckers!