Genre: Hard Rock
Country: Norway
Label: Lions Pride Music
Year: 2018

Hush was formed in 1998 somewhere in Norway, and as of today, deliver some fine hard rocking sounds to the world. More specifically, Hush, as of November 2018, have prepared a “recycled” version of their debut album “If You Smile”, initially released in 1998, and scheduled to be out soon. “If You Smile” definitely is not a genre pioneer, yet, it’s a case of sweet, melodic hard rock and metal, in the steps of Whitesnake, Foreigner and Deep Purple. Oldschool riffs, glam aestherics and animal prints were and will be the recipe to success; let’s see if this will work this time also. All tracks, especially “Talk to Me” and “This Side of Love” are meant to be heard live, while all others as a whole make a great team. It is also worth mentioning that this album, which Hush are due to release soon, also marks the 20th anniversary of the band and considering the entire attitude of it, yes, it was a good choice.