Genre: Speed/Thrash
Country: Canada
Label: Analog Overdose Records
Year: 2023

‘Bloodsucker’ is a 5-track EP by Ice War following in less than a year their finest moment, the catchy and super Heavy full length album ‘Beyond the Void’. This is tTheir 6th EP since 2015 as Ice War, since they changed their moniker from Iron Dogs. And yes, we are dealing with another great release from the band with 3 original songs and 2 great covers, on Black Uniforms (‘Computer World’ originally out on 1989’s ‘Faces of Death’ album) and on Gotham City (‘Monsters of Rock’ that opens the 1983’s legendary EP entitled ‘Black Writs’). Both bands are from Sweden and coming from the cult undergrounds circles, Gotham City are definitely more familiar to Heavy Metal fans especially the trve and the obscure loyal, while Black Uniforms were moving into Heavy/Thrash Metal, Hardcore Punk roads and were not so popular, serving 100% the reason that were been picked; Making their fans curious to find out some of Ice War’s heroes and adding more qualitative material to their release. You always know what you get from these lunatic Canadians and that’s quality speed/heavy metal at its best. It is a fast, fun, entertaining and enjoyable piece of work, with the focus placed on the melodies without losing the aggressive touch. There are plenty of catchy moments, and not just in the choruses. It was cut on limited 100 copies through Analog Overdose Records while it is also co-released with Kulto de Media Noche on blue sky shell cassette and clear / blue cases.