Genre: Heavy/Speed Metal
Country: Canada
Label: Fighter Records
Year: 2020

Jo Capitalicide is an underground hero, one of those guys that live and breathe for heavy metal. Ice War is the natural evolution of Iron Dogs, in which Jo was collaborating with drummer Dan Lee. In Ice War everything is under his control as everything you hear is 100% Jo’s. So, you can easily understand that this not an easy situation if we are talking about inspiration or the instrumentation. Still Jo is overachieving at this part. He is over productive up to now and all his works are top notch. Musically speaking we are dealing with ragged and raw Heavy Metal a bit clumsy, brutal and with scars in its face that makes it way too charming. They sound close enough to speed but with a punk aesthetic that is obvious in songs such as “Soldiers of Frost”. His hoarse reminds me of Lemmy and his gang. This is something not just good, it is an offer to humanity. Jo seems to be a diehard fan of Motorhead-like music, which he studied it, understanding it in depth and decoding its DNA, in order to bring it up to date, full passion and with appetite for destruction. You won’t find something that will hear it for the first time, but you will hear a plethora of your favorite elements packed together. I’m sure Exciter will be proud of the seeds they planted in Canada before 40 years ago…!