Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Rockshot Records
Year: 2021

Illusory, if you consider the Ivory Tower era as well, is one of the oldest and most experienced bands in Greece. Despite the fact that band’s discography isn’t that plentiful, each and every album is a gem. When it comes to “Crimson Wreath”, Giorgos Konstantakelos left the band, and Makis Bandoros took over on keys. The new album is by far their most detailed and ambitious work till now. While having so much information and finding it difficult to focus on something particular, Illusory has created a 14th-track album with a total duration of 78 minutes. Some may avoid persistently that long albums, but those who give the required time and dedication succeed. Furthermore, most of the songs on the album are not straightforward. Although it sounds less progressive than its predecessor, the album gives you more and more information to deal with. Illysory don’t play typical heavy / power metal. The structure of all tracks is not easy to predict, while guitar melodies are mixed with keys in such a colorful way. Even on lyrics, they astray from the trivial, or at least they have wide variety. In “Crimson Wreath” you will step into not only on anti-war, anti-racist lyrics, but also on full of emotion ones, related to isolation and human loss. The latter come from the heart, as George Papantonis lost both his parents in a short period of time. The album has also a plethora of guests who leave their own trademark. In general, they left nothing in chance and hard work is evident in every album’s detail. It does not make sense trying to distinguish any songs. It’s like trying to separate chapters from a favorite book. It is pointless and unnecessary. “Crimson Wreath” is out there waiting for you to discover it. Give it the time needed and you’ll be rewarded.