Genre: Heavy/Power/Progressive metal
Country: Greece
Label: 7hard Records
Year: 2016

Let me set some things straight from the beginning. “Illusory”, especially George, are friends of mine. I’m only bringing this up because I feel the need to clarify that I’m being completely honest, since as of lately, it seems as if it’s somewhat “illegal” to review a band that you know its members personally, and/or have any type of social relation with them. I have never been impartial, not with my friends, nor with complete strangers. Because as you know, Hellas, when it comes to Heavy Metal is somewhat of a “village”, everybody knows everyone! Not that this is of any importance, since we do PAY for our own tickets for live shows, for merch, for cd’s and vinyl’s. The reason I am addressing this, is because money is a factor, since (supposedly) we care more when it comes to paying for something with our hard-earned money. In this difficult period for our country, the author did PAY for the physical copy of “Polysyllabic” (not because he felt the obligation to because of his friend George) and after listening to it plenty of times, decided to write down few thoughts. “Illusory” went even further from their (great) debut, they kept that Maiden-y monomania, the Queensryche/Savatage mentality, the polyphonies, their nice European (NO, I’m not going to say Europower) melodies on guitars (not the wussy type though) and the songs are assertively composed. Dee’s voice is one of the voices I generally enjoy, not only when it comes to “Greek standards”, but in general; his voice is warm, rich, stentorian, full of passion and has a Dio like aesthetic. They sound like a less aggressive version of Symphony X, but they are more lyrical, their songs are beautiful, they seem to have plenty of ideas, “Odd-y-sea is justifiably the hit of this album and that doesn’t mean that “Bleak”, “Dreamshade”, “Last Fallen Angel” (the acoustic parts in this one reminded me of Xanadu’s Rush, very briefly, in a good way), “Solitary Nomad” (you enjoyed Brave New World huh? I did too boys, not gonna lie, good for you), “Eyes of Hades” (one of the best by far, I’d say), or the 10 minutes long “Swan Song”, are of any less. I believe that these guys put a hell of a lot of work into this album (with any good and bad things this would mean, especially when it comes to spontaneity – what the fuck am I talking about, the topic of how spontaneous a recording process can be is a whole different subject by itself), and you can definitely hear that, in the albums precision, structures etc., but it lacks on production that was needed for the material to be able to “breathe” better. I didn’t like the cover and I believe that the sound and the cover (the artwork is pretty though) are factors that Illusory should re-consider in the future. I generally find this to be an excellent musical attempt from people that are also fans of the genre, except for being musicians (which is very important); any suit-wearing guy that enjoys the fore mentioned bands and is reading this review, should check them out. That’s all I have to say for our friends, with love, I must add. We’re only saying our opinion and nothing else. Same thing we will do with every band that comes our way, down the road.