Genre: Black Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Lupus Lounge/Prophecy Productions
Year: 2022

“Hearts Unchained – At War With a Passionless World” was the 12th album that closed the list of metal Invader’s editors’ top albums list-our beloved Dirty Dozen. No surprise for the loyal fans of the group and probably a bit annoyed as they believed that the album would be featured in a higher place in the final ranking. Anyway Imha Tarikat (Imha Tarikat is Turkish for “extermination sect”) have fortunately reached in their 3rd studio full length and have never composed, even once, a mediocre or uninteresting song. The 9 (+1) compositions of the album blend together so harmoniously that I can’t choose which one is better than the other. The Cavalera inspired raspy vocals by Kerem Yilmaz have a doomy approaching as well, nevertheless are very characteristic and brings in mind Bolzer. The flow carries so well the emotions, the proto-black elements of Venom or Celtic Frost, the melodic moments,the raw anger, the wicked beats -by session drummer Melvin Cieslar (Hexer)- and the blasting, while there is not the slightest point where the interest is lost, balancing easily between modernity and old-school/traditional sound. From the atmospheric opening of “Deeper Within” through the ferocious tremolo worshipping “Radical Righteousness” and “Brute Majesty” to the grande finale of “Beasts of Sovereignty”, “Hearts Unchained – At War With a Passionless World” definitely shows us sound at their best. It was recorded and produced by the band’s mastermind Kerem Yilmaz (real name Ruhsuz Cellât), mixed by Michael Zech, mastered by Victor Santura (of Triptykon fame) at Woodshed Studio, while the cover and illustration by Artem Grigoryev (with additional illustration by Next Gate Art, and Raul CJ Peña is just brilliant in its darkness. “Hearts Unchained – At War With a Passionless World” is already out since December 2nd by Lupus Lounge/Prophecy Productions.