Genre: Black Metal
Country: Greece
Label:Morbid Chapel Records
Year: 2018

Impenetrable Darkness was formed nearly a decade back, however their sole album “Loyalty In Blackness”, originally out in 2014, was reissued about a year ago. Within its’ almost 45 minute run, Impenetrable Darkness managed to create a fantastic, both morbid and vicious atmosphere at the same time. From the hauting opening “Into the Semi Demons of Karnak” to the also terrorizing outro “Incoming Sins”, “Loyalty In Blackness” might get people to think it’s their average cold winter night black metal album. However, it brings various odors, especially from the heavy metal and speed genre, at some fair points. Production is on spot, there is also a crashing quality on the guitars and some great quick sections between the bass and the drums that make the album suitably heavy and black at the very same time. Vocally, it is your average black metal album though, but it’s not bad at all. I would put some few more speed on some of the tracks but in the end, I wouldn’t feel right to ruin this occultly dressed-Abbath/Immortal-black metal fascination. To conclude, “Loyalty In Blackness” is a pure manifestation to death and total blackness, for those oppressed and avid supporters of the underground. It’s just a hybrid of Venom and Immortal’s legacy. Originally out via Black Saw Records, reissued by Morbid Chapel Records in 2018. Get those guys on stage or in the studio immediately.