Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Nuclear Blast
Release: 2023
The 30-year career of In Flames seems to follow a circular path. Τhey led an entire musical movement and acquired a core of fanatical fans from the start. They experimented later, with the result of losing some of their old fans but also making some new ones. The more observant noted that in “I, the Mask”, a shift towards their old sound began in small steps. It was a release that satisfied even the old fans to some extent. Ιn “Foregone”, things become somehow clearer. The band dives deep into its roots and takes the necessary elements of creating  quality melodic death metal. The swedish bittersweet melodies, high speeds as well as the powerfull groove are back. The brutal vocals increase but the clean vocals remain and this is the band’s smartest move.  The clean vocals lead to the choruses, which are so catchy and melodic that they become addictive from the very first listen. In Flames, in this way, i think they find the much-desired balance. The old fans will come back and the younger ones will see  “Foregone” as the next step of the band. The logic certainly shows a greater and greater return to the roots but for that we will have to wait until the next release. Currently, we are listening to Foregone’s awesome songs and hope to see them live on the upcoming tour. I purposely do not single out any song because “Foregone” has a great flow when listening to it. Please notice that it is released in (so) many different editions by Nuclear Blast in order to please record-collectors and their die-hards thirst.