Genre: Modern Metal / Alternative Rock
Country: Sweden
Label: Epic Records/Sony
Year: 2014

I hope at least the pay checks are big for this band, since it’s the only remaining -and somehow sad- excuse for the turn they have taken during these years. After an all agreeing mediocre attempt towards the mainstream nothingness with Sounds of a Playground Fading, In Flames arrive with an even shallower record, a blend of everything we hate in rock music in general.

Siren Charms smiles at you with a mild cover and just when you thought you had enough with that band, you realize the knife can dive even deeper. There is a sterile production as if the album was meant to be played as a background in fashion shows or something, or it’s just this faceless, safe rock that I loathe so much.

Apart from a handful of almost legit nu-thrash / death riffs like in the introductions of “In Plain View”, “Everything Gone” or the middle three second part in “Monsters in the Ballroom”, Siren Charms is a repetitive, annoying package of horrible melodies and mellow insipidity, lacking character or any signs of their former aggression.

Many of the tracks are just ridiculous (see “With Eyes Wide Open”, “Rusted Nail”, “Through Oblivion”) and I can’t see any passion in such compositions whatsoever, leading to the conclusion In Flames has grown to be a not audible band for me. The record feels like a constant build up to the main chorus, which is weak after all, and the few studio tricks here and there just make the case worse.

Everything sounds confused and random, there are female vocals in “When the World Explodes” as if this is an epic metal nonsense, there are metalcore / deathcore riffs mixed with really bad, washed down electronics around the record, the band is totally inconsistent even if it’s almost three decades old.

Listening to it is baffling, mixed feelings of disgust, pity for the people who once ached the band, wonders if it is indeed the doom of music and the stupidity of pop rock fans, passing this as “progress” and “art”. It’s boring bass lines and appalling vocals, forgettable guitars and drums, moderate music for the whole family.

Please skip this record.