Genre: In Flames/Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Sony
Year: 2014

Well well well…Siren Charms it is. The 11th album by the mighty In Flames. For the story it’s the second In Flames album without Jesper. You can see the change both in music and vocal part in these latest albums “Sounds of a Playground Fading” and “Siren Charms”. In Flames are a band with so much daring I should say!

So, “Siren Charms” consists of 11 songs. Each and every one are special in some way, full of melodic guitars as we are used to be from In Flames followed by classical In Flames-ish parts. Bjorn as the main composer now along with Anders has a difficult job to do,BUT he does it very very well. In every song the vocals are more smooth than used to be,but there are the usual outbreakes from Anders. I don’t know,the lyrical part I would say is so misanthropical!! The way Anders always knows the way give emphasis in each track. Peter on bass I would say does the very job it always does. As for Daniel, his ideas on the drums could not be better for this album. So, In Flames… They changed their style in this album. Ok YES it’s more “pop” as many say,but the feeling..The feeling that In Flames used to bring in their albums is still there.

This particular album drives some In Flames fans angry. But why? Because they changed their style I suppose. Well, they do it really well and seem really good as a result. But it’s in the nature of true metalheads to go crazy when their favorite bands, when the bands don’t do what their fans want them to do. I must say though that the band should respect the fan for real, but sometimes musicians want to to do something else. So it is welcome..
As for me the songs I liked the most in this album are: “Everything’s Gone”, “Paralyzed”, “Through Oblivion”, “Siren Charms”, “When the World Explodes”, “Rusted Nail” & “Filtered Truth”.