Genre: Death Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Unholy Prophecies (first press), Godz Ov War Productions (reissue)
Year: 2015 (2017)

Inexorable are back with their third EP at hand and the masterful development in music delivery is evident. The Germans return to their discography with “Sea Of Dead Consciousness”, which has drawn the interest of many extreme metal enthusiasts.

“Sea Of Dead Consciousness” was initially released in March 13th 2013 via Unholy Prophecies, however the Polish label Gods of War Productions released the reissue of the record on January 31st 2017. The first edition of “Sea Of Dead Consciousness” was a limited edition cassette. Nonetheless, the reissue came in CD format.

The album consists of 4 tracks, numbered in Roman characters in a serial consequence, and 3 covers of the bands Mayhem (“De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”), Immolation (“I Feel Nothing”) and Mysticum (“Black Magic Mushrooms”).

Inexorable have a somewhat special and unique approach of the extreme sound. Naturally, Death Metal is dominant, but classic Black Metal molds, some samples, acoustic passages and a wee bit of Avant Garde can be easily spotted in the compositions. Nonetheless, the blend the band has created is solid, ‘exploratory’ and adventurous. It’s like listening to an amalgam of Gorguts and Portal. Interesting, right? “Sea Of Dead Consciousness” unfolds mainly in mid tempo paces, but alternations to the rhythms are frequent. The guitars are quite chaotic, having the necessary accompaniment of equally chaotic drums and vocals that easily convince us that no human is behind the microphone. In its entirety, Inexorable’s music is equally technical and disharmonious / dissonant, which means that more than one or two hearings are needed to fully grasp the record’s essence. In combination with the atmosphere created by this German duo, “Sea Of Dead Consciousness” may at times be unsettling, clumsy, kind of psychologically / spiritually disturbing, but it is an experience worth to be experienced. Regarding the cover tracks included, the good thing is that they are not simple remakes of the songs that the band chose, but by definition covers grafted with the identity of Inexorable.

The album was recorded in Time and Dust Studio during November – December 2014. J. Weidaner handled the mixing and J. Lava the mastering.

Recommended for fans of Grave Miasma, Portal, Gorguts, Impetuous Ritual.