Genre: Prog/Heavy/Power
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Alone Records
Year: 2016

This is the debut album of the Texas, USA based Infidel Rising. On a time when we witness an avalanche of new metal album releases on a daily basis, and from an estimated number of 20 to 30 new bands of which very few manage to get over average, Infidel Rising made it to the best of my impression. With Travis Wills’ excellent vocals coloring the album’s great compositions, accompanied by Jason Donelly’s and Rafael Rivera’s great guitar work, they present us a very strong record. With its eastern soundscapes quite intense, they make their entrance with the power-laden “Holomodor”, something than can also be found in songs such as the progressive “Exodus to Cadesh” and “Finding Nevermore”, reminding us of another band, Myrath. The solo in the beginning of the self titled track called “ The Torn Wings of Illusion”, alongside with Willis’ vocals in their best moment make it the best of the album. Equally dynamic and qualitative are “Reflections” (where the synths are making an already beautiful composition even better) and “Power of Goodbye”, which stands among the release’s extraordinary moments. The record’s epilogue couldn’t be better; its longest in duration song, “The Great Discovery” has it all: great vocals, magnificent solos, a dynamic rhythm section, and synths in total harmony with the whole set. Infidel Rising will definitely remind you of another band (after all, very few manage to surpass that hitch), nonetheless they offer an album worth listening, a certain pleasure for every fan of the genre.