Genre: Death Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Listenable Insanity Records
Year: 2022
A couple of years ago just before the pandemic, Death metal fans were ready for a big comeback as Massacre’s return was at the gates. It was the same time that Inhuman Condition were established as things didn’t got as it planned for back then Massacre members and a need for a new band was born. A quiet a splendid line up featuring Jeramie Kling (vocals and drums – Venom, Inc., The Absence), Taylor Nordberg (guitar – Deicide, The Absence), and Terry Butler (bass – Obituary, Death, Massacre) made Inhuman Condition -named as you all supposed right from the famous Massacre song and 1992 single) – a massive talk of the town for all traditional Death Metal fans. Inhuman Condition is like being created by the best ingredients that Death Metal and Thrash had offered in the past decades. Florida Death Metal with all the cliche is here (even the Repka-looking album art by Dan “Babe Ruth” Goldworthy is in this direction) bringing in mind Gruesome, another new band that plays the strong card of nostalgia and reincarnation of the Chuck Schuldiner spirit. In less than two years Inhuman Condition have made a great impact and an impressive name.  Their debut album Rat°God that came in 2020, has the same formula with Fearsick. It couldn’t go far after all as (most of) the material was written for Massacre’s return. Despite the nostalgia though, Inhuman Condition knows the game very well and the songwriting seems almost perfect. The whole album in its entirety is flawless having extra doses of heavy riffs, buzzsaw guitars, tempo changes, expanded leads and eerie atmosphere. Above all you can hear something simple and have fun with it. All the technical skills and the excellent musicianship is present but serves the songs -as not being here just for the sake of the artists egoism or useless show off- and the songs serve the thirst of the listener to just have fun! As simple as that! And you know what it’s like visiting a place you love and haven’t been there for a long time but as you go back there not doing the same things you were used to. Not the same routine even if there were things you were happy to do still the new habits turn out to be thrilling too. Highlights: “The Mold Testament”, “Recycled Hate” (lyrics by Paul Mazurkiewicz), “I’m Now The Monster” and “King Con” (on both guitar solo by Rick Rozz), and “Caustic Vomit Reveries”. As long as the record spins everything seems perfect, after a while when the enthusiasm appeases it only needs the play button to start the trip again (truth be told their debut was a bit better)…In Terry Butler’s own words”…what Inhuman Condition is all about is sweet riffs that grab your ear, a nice HEAVY groove sets in and then your face gets caved in! Swamp-infused Florida death metal!” . This sounds great to me. “Fearsick,” is already out since July 15th on Kling/Nordberg’s own Listenable Insanity Records.